At the BIM Community 2017 Conference, BIM Aarhus presented groundbreaking and thoughtful comments about the exciting challenges we as developers, designers and contractors face when implementing the new digital tools. The speakers challenged the perception of BIM-relevant core areas, concepts and terms in relation to digital development.

The BIM Community 2017 Conference initiated dialogue on the relationship between development based on innovative technological thinking, in relation to the inclusion of historical, human and social aspects. 

Today, we interact in a digital universe, we work with software based on algorithms, generative design and artificial intelligence, digital tools that makes the impossible design possible.

At the conference, the speakers challenged our use of increasingly complex technology systems that can capture us in a complexity, where predictability increasingly coincides. In light of this complexity, we discussed the concept of flaws in the construction industry facing the aviation industry with a crucial and obvious no zero culture. 

We had a very exciting and visionary conference where 6 speakers speaked about their suggestions on how to prepare the building industri for the implementation of the new digital tools by creating flexible and adaptive systems and organizations.