Ms. Marzia Bolpagni
Architectural Engineer / PhD Candidate
Architecture Built Environment and Construction Engineering
Politecnico di Milano 

The Conference is held in the European City of Culture, Aarhus. Therefore, this lecture will discourse about the influence of BIM on our work culture and our way of organizing the construction industry. By rethinking our culture, we will and ask, if we have, or do we need a European BIM Culture.  Ms. Bolpagni will present the main BIM activities performed at European level including the EU BIM task group and the European Committee for Standardization. She will discuss the main peculiarities that affect the European BIM environment such as the EU directives on public procurement, heritage aspects, and the use of open standards. The importance of collaboration and new contractual methods will be presented. 

Politecnico di Milano
Politecnico di Milano ranks as the best University in Italy. The Department of Architecture, Built Environment and Construction engineering, is a scientific and cultural project based on extensive research and teaching experience on planning, design, production and management, in the field of architecture and civil engineering. The Department brings together a multidisciplinary team of researchers and professors, fully expressing the polytechnic spirit in teaching and research, an approach leading to a timely scientific and technical response to the complex problems posed by the transformation of the built environment.


Mr. Mads Søndergaard
Executive Vice Precident
Building and Design

If we are to become more efficient and make fewer mistakes on the construction industry projects, we need to break down the silos and collaborate even better across companies and industries. Based on this and a perpetually changing world where technology continuously offers opportunities for new business models, Mads Søndergaard gives his bid on how BIM can solve some of the build-ing challenges.

NIRAS is an international consulting company with activities in areas such as construction and infrastructure, process industry, supply, environment and nature, climate and energy as well as planning and development assistance. Our 2.100 specialists solve customer challenges based on our values - we listen, we learn, we deliver. We believe that cooperation, knowledge sharing and creativity are the way to create the most value for our customers. Our turn over is approx. 2 billion kr. from offices in more than 20 countries in Europe, Africa, Asia and Australia.


Mr. Stephan Lange
Quality Manager

Lufthansa Technik AG
Quality Management & Assurance, HAM T/CE-Q

The lecture will take starting point in the work as Crew Resource Management Trainer in Aviation and Medicine in order to make use of all available resources to ensure safe operation. Crew Re-source Management covers topics like communication, situational awareness, risk assessment, error culture and stress. Effective Crew Resource Management calls out for all resources available in order to cope with a stressful and routine situation successfully. Mr. Lange will talk about technical skills covered in the Human Factor concept. Following this concept human performance is limited, especially in aviation environment, but not only.  

Lufthansa Technik AG
Aircraft Component Services maintains components for mainly all airlines all over the world and provides business solution with regard component supply. With more than 300.000 shop events per year, errors are likely, prevention of repetitive quality escapes is decisive, because components will be installed to aircrafts around the world. 


Mr. Kenn Clausen​

Architect / Computational Designer

GXN / Green Innovation

Mr. Morten Norman Lund
Design Technologist / Project Manager 
GXN / Green Innovation

This lecture will take you behind the scenes at 3XN architects and GXN innovation to show how the digital geometry team implements creative design thinking and collaborative data sharing. Improved data and information modelling is the key to our continuous devel-opment of workflows, tools and systems that enhance performance within the studio and with our collaborators. We will address contemporary agendas such as parametric modelling, data operations and robotic research and how they inform our ongoing projects.

GXN was established in 2007 as an internal division of the Danish architectural practice 3XN, and have since day one been working with applied architectural research in green materials and build-ing technologies. The ‘G’ stands for Green, highlighting GXN’s dedication to ecological design research through digital processes and innovative material solutions. GXN competencies span over architecture and design projects, research and innovation and external consultancy.


Mr. Rasmus Dahlberg
Historian, Author and Researcher 

A prerequisite for being able to navigate in a complex and unpredictable world is that we understand the background for the models and maps we use, and the challenges that unpredictability poses to the modern society. Mr. Rasmus Dahlberg will challenge the expectations of predictability, analysis and control, and opens the door to a new understanding based on studies of, among other things, human and organizational behavior during crises and disasters.

Rasmus Dahlberg
With a unique background as both a fiction and non-fiction author and experienced researcher, Mr. Rasmus Dahlberg draws on both art and science as he explains how the world is. In a research pro-ject carried out in collaboration between the Danish Emergency Management Agency and the University of Copenhagen he has examined the challenges that the unpredictability poses to the modern society. He currently works at the Royal Danish Defense College.