Mr. Tomi Henttinen | Gravicon Oy

Architect Tomi Henttinen has as chairman for Building Smart in Finland contributed to the development of the new Finnish National BIM Guidelines, COBIM2012, which was published in the spring 2012. The Guide-lines are now being implemented in the Finnish con-struction industry.

Mr. Tomi Henttinen

 Gravicon Oy

Ms. Enni Laine | Skanska

Project Manager Enni Laine is responsible for BIM research and development in Skanska BIM Compe-tence Centre and Skanska Finland, and she works with the implementation of BIM in both global and national levels.



Ms. Enni Laine

Skanska Finland



Mr. Jarmo Laitinen | Tampere University

Professor Jarmo Laitinen is the leader of VBL, the Virtual Building Laboratory at Tampere University of Technology. The University is internationally leading in the development of Virtual Construction Technologies, as they are working with structural design, production processes and technologies.

Mr. Jarmo Laitinen

Tampere University 

Mr. Robert Trap | Larkas & Laine

Architect Robert Trapp is partner and Managing Director of Larkas & Laine Architects Ltd. The Office was established in 1993 and is today one of the largest architect studios in Finland. They own 45% of AMFI Architects, who has specialized in design of sports arenas in Russia.



Mr. Robert Trap | Larkas & Laine

Larkas & Laine Architects