BIM Aarhus and three Building educational institutions from Aarhus are planning a BIM Collaboration Workshop from October the 2nd to October the 6th in relation to BCS & BILT Europe 2017 and European Culture Capital 2017. The workshop will be open to the public to show how modern digital processes changes our Building Culture.

The theme will be interdisciplinary collaboration between Architects, Engineers and Architectural Technologist around an integrated design process, supported with digital models. The participants in the workshop will be students in Denmark and internationally, consisting of smaller multidisciplinary groups.

They will practice BIM cooperation around a predefined case, and constructing building solutions out from reflective, analytical, and contributing creative approaches.

Keywords for the workshop: Interdisciplinary collaboration, digital modeling and data exchange, preparation of Illustrations of technical issues including sustainability through BIM Modeling and Virtual Reality.


The city's citizens are invited to visit the workshop and follow the digital design process on Thursday, October 5th, 2017 and Friday, October the 6th, 2017 at the Scandinavian Center, Radisson Blu, where there will be free access.