Mr. Tomi Henttinen | Gravicon Oy

M.Sc. Architect SAFA | CEO and Partner Gravicon Oy
Board member in Gravicon DK ApS
Chairman, Building SMART Finland

Architect Mr. Tomi Henttinen has as chairman for Building Smart in Finland contributed to the development of the new Finnish National BIM Guidelines, COBIM2012, which was published in the spring 2012. The Guidelines are now being implemented in the Finnish construction industry.

Gravicon Oy works as a client advisor. The company specializes in Building Information Modeling, where they as ICT consultants and developers are working with advices and solutions for the construction industry.

Their main expertise is in architectural design and construction design. And Gravicon Oy sees themselves as pioneers in relation to understanding and developing the potentials of Building Information Modeling in the design and construction processes.

Gravicon Oy develops and implements optimal solutions that help developers throughout the design- construction- and use processes by utilizing the full potentials of Building Information Modeling.

The group works with visionary organizations at the strategic level and they deliver ICT solutions in collaboration with Granlund Oy and Rapal for management of facilities and infrastructure. 

Ms. Enni Laine | Skanska Finland Oy

Projektleder | Skanska Finland Oy
M.Sc. (Tech.), Construction Management and Economics
Tampere University of Technology

Project Manager Ms. Enni Laine is responsible for BIM research and development in Skanska BIM Competence Centre and Skanska Finland, and she works with the implementation of BIM in both global and national levels.

Skanska Finland Oy sees Building Information Modeling as a key competitive advantage, and Skanska therefore consider BIM as a vital tool for project development, design, planning and execution.

Building Information Modeling supports Skanska's goals and visions by improving quality in all areas and by increasing safety and efficiency.

It is Skanska's experience that the model based working method increases the quality in all areas and the consistent use of BIM results in a significant reduction of errors both in the execution and the delivery.

Skanska Finland's leading position in the Building Information Modeling contribute to ensuring that Skanska Finland is considered as an attractive workplace for the most talented and ambitious employees.

Skanska Finland makes clear specific requirements for their partners, both professionally and in terms of working with Building Information Modeling and Open BIM.

Mr. Jarmo Laitinen | Tampere University

Professor | Tampere University of Technology Tampere 
Department of Civil Engineering
Institute of Construction Management and Economics

Professor Mr. Jarmo Laitinen is the leader of VBL, the Virtual Building Laboratory at Tampere University of Technology. The University is internationally leading in the development of Virtual Construction Technologies, as they are working with structural design, production processes and technologies.

Virtual Building Laboratory at Tampere University of Technology is a laboratory doing research and develops methods to improve the information management of the processes, right from the initial stages of design and construction to operation and maintenance. The core of the laboratory is a so called iRoom environment, where interactively work is done, focusing on specific areas of data transfer between the architect and the various actors in the modeling and construction process.

Virtual Building Laboratory sees the built environment as essential for the quality of life both for the individual and for the society as a whole. The global challenges related to the effects of climate change are enormous, and furthermore highlights the major impact, that the construction industry has on society.

Mr. Robert Trap | Larkas & Laine Architects Ltd.

M.Sc. Architect SAFA | CEO Larkas & Laine Architects Ltd.
Master of Architecture 

Architecture | Helsinki University of Technology

Architect Mr. Robert Trapp is partner and Managing Director of Larkas & Laine Architects Ltd. established in 1993 and is today one of the largest architect studios in Finland. They own 45% of AMFI Architects, who has specialized in design of sports arenas in Russia.

Larkas & Laine is leading in intelligent design with Building Information Modeling. They have for several years invested heavily in BIM education, and all staff at the studio is today working with model based tools in all design phases.

Larkas & Laine has developed a BIM-based quality control system, which is continuously updated and improved. The system is based on a technical method concerning design and modeling, which enables architects to maintain and develop a continuous high quality in both the architectural and the technical design.

The company is member of The Finnish Green Building Council, FiBBC, an organization whose goal is commitment to the development and use of sustainable methods and tools, and they are Finland's representatives in the International Green Building Council.