Mr. Wesley Benn | Australia

A Sydney-based architect, Wesley Benn is the founder of RTC Events Management and the Revit Technology Conference series. As a long-term user and advocate of BIM, he has been speaking and teaching in the field since starting to play with a pre-release version of Revit.

Mr. Wesley Benn


Mr. Nathan Wood | USA

Mr. Nathan Wood is an emerging leader within the international BIM community. Much of Nathan’s know-ledge in BIM and collaborative Design Management is from working with Sutter Health on several break-through Integrated Project Delivery cases. Mr. Nathan Wood is a fulltime member of DPR’s Innovation Team.

Mr. Nathan Wood


Ms. Vivien Leong | Singapore

With 14 years’ experience in the UK and Singapore across a wide range of different architectural sectors, Ms. Vivien Leong May San has a wealth of experience managing complex projects. Currently at CPG Consultants, she leads the rise of the Learning Hub project at Nanyang Technological University (NTU) in collaboration with Heatherwick Studio, London.

Ms. Vivien Leong


Mr. Mike Whaley | USA

Mr. Mike Whaley is President of TURIS Building Innovation Sy-stems and a highly respected BIM consultant working for many of the largest consulting firms and construction companies in the USA. Mikes visionary leadership has propelled his team to the forefront of cutting-edge technology, with focus on the integration of construction technology such as BIM.

Mr. Mike Whaley


Ms. Paula Delatorre | Brazil

Ms. Joyce Paula Delatorre, holds a double degree in Architecture and Civil Engineering at University of São Paulo, and is Head of BIM Department, at Metodo Engenharia, Brazil. An engineering, project manage-ment and construction company, where she is respon-sible for the BIM technology’s management and implementation.

Ms. Paula Delatorre


Mr. Tomohiko Yamanashi | Japan

Mr. Tomohiko Yamanashi graduated from the Tokyo National University of Fine Arts and Music and completed his Master Course of Urban Engineering in University of Tokyo. He joined Nikken Sekkei in 1986. The works of Tomohiko Yamanashi range from offices over theaters to museums. Tomohiko Yamanashi is the recipient of numerous prizes.

Mr. Tomohiko Yamanashi