Aarhus is unique, with the location of many architectural, engineering and landscape architecture firms centred in the area around Aarhus River. Furthermore, two of the country's largest contractors have premises and construction sites within walking distance.

With Open Door, BIM Aarhus invites BILT conference guests and citizens to visit Aarhus's many talented consultants and contractors. 18 companies have come together to show how we in Aarhus working with BIM. The 8 guided tours showed the challenges, ambitions and achieved goals in the work with BIM, Building Information Modeling.  

By Open Door BIM Aarhus offered a unique insight into how the city's design and engineer studios as well as construction sites works with the many different aspects of BIM and advance technologies. New types of Co-operation, Open Formats, Sustainability and Simulation gives us all a broad palette of opportunities, which forms the basis for design and construction in the building industry.